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Intra-gastric Balloon System

Has obesity left you jaded and depressed? Has losing weight become next to impossible? Does exercise seem a task too daunting? Well, you’re not the only one. According to the Journal of American Medical Association 35% of men and just over 40% of women are now classified as obese.If you’re obese, you’re not just overweight, but seriously overweight! In scientific words, you’re termed as an obese when your Body Mass Index (BMI) exceeds 30.

Being directly or indirectly related to diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obstructive sleep apnea and cancer that tend to threaten every other individual’s life, obesity is nothing less than a pandemic. Its increasing burden and association with co-morbidities have led to emergence of additional treatment options that are far more effective than conservative management. We at Healthy life Bariatrics,LA, offer and vouch for one such safe, latest and effective treatment option that has changed lives of many people. Orbera Intra-gastric balloon system is not a magic bullet, but is far more effective than conservative measures alone, and it has help thousands of people with effective weight loss.

What is Gastric Balloon or Stomach Balloon?

Tummy balloon system specifically designed to assist weight loss. It has a direct effect on appetite. The minimally invasive 20-minute procedure performed on an out-patient basis involves inserting a balloon into stomach through mouth, followed by its filling with saline to a volume of 400-700ml. Once the desired volume is achieved, it cannot be adjusted. The balloon is then detached from the external catheters with the help of a self-sealing valve. At our stomach balloon center, our experts provide you all the guidance and support to understand and be able to easily follow the lifestyle and the food regime to keep yourself healthy and fit.
If you’re expecting a 20-minute act to take care of one of the most serious challenges the world is facing, then I’m sorry to burst the bubble but gastric ballon is just the first stage of losing weight and keeping it off. Healthy life bariatrics has an integrated program which couples gastric balloon with a long-term supervised program. In simple words you can take it as a two step program that involves balloon insertion (first step) and a supervised support program (second step) including;
  • Dietary guidance
  • Initial weight loss consultation
  • Online nutritional consultation
  • Effective mobile tools to keep track of your digits
  • Daily exercise routine
  • Medication plus program to assist your weight loss goals
  • VelaShape:   optional non-invasive skin tightening and fat absorbing device 
  • Post weight loss body contouring program to help eliminate the excess skin and stubborn fat pockets at a discounted price
Don’t worry!At Stomach Balloon Center Los Angeles,we’ll not only set goals and milestones, but also help you achieve them.
 With the device there in your stomach for around 6 months, you will be in a way training yourself to encourage portion control and keep a tab on eating habits and obviously form healthier ones. Once you achieve your target, the device would be removed. Simple, no? well, not really. First and the foremost thing, Gastric Balloon is temporary! It’s there for you to train yourself and practice controls. If by any means it sounds/looks like an effortless weight reduction plan, let me tell you, it’s NOT! Remember, Orbera’s motto;


Lifestyle modification is the key to a successful weight reduction program (after patience of course). Expect your routine to go upside down, even before you get the procedure down. How? Here we go! (Make sure you have these on your tips)
  1. Dietary Modifications: The most important set of changes you’ll be making would be in this area. No more junk! Only healthy food teeming with nutrients, so that you have a fair share of all the macro as well as micro-nutrients (proteins, vitamins and minerals). With a limited portion size, trust me; you need more of the healthy stuff. So, start;  
  • Reducing portion sizes already! Having meals in small plates would help
  • Taking plenty of fluids! Limit fizzy drinks and instead choose low-calorie beverages, or better yet go for water.
  • Bringing down the sweet consumption
  • Reducing starchy foods
How to go about that? Don’t worry, our dietitians will guide you and devise a proper plan for you. In the meanwhile;
  1. Start exercising: a sedentary lifestyle is one of the most important contributors of obesity. Make exercise a routine. Maintain an active lifestyle, but start gradually and increase the duration slowly.   Los Angeles is a perfect spot to enjoy out doors with walking and hiking routine.  Water aerobics is often forgotten, the amount of calories used daily is directly dependent on your muscle mass.  The more muscle you got the more fat you burn even when you are not exercising.  Muscle cells are hungry energy consuming power engines that require calories to stay active and live.  Increase your muscle mass by doing some basic weight exercises.   The largest muscle in your body is in your lower extremity.  Daily walks and squats can easily tone them up.   Measure your progress on a daily basis using an electronic device.
Living with the Balloon

As much as your digestive system will have to make compromises, you might also have to get used to a few adjustments. Following balloon placement, be prepared for gastric discomfort due to obvious stretching of the tummy. Expect;
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • A feeling of heaviness in abdominal area
  • Steady or cyclic abdominal and back pain
  • Sore or irritated throat (due to the procedure)
Your diet immediately after surgery would be in liquid form, at least for the first 48 hours. These clear liquids include;
  • Water
  • Jello
  • Chicken broth
  • Low-calorie juices
  • Flavored water
Following clear liquids would be full liquids that include protein shakes, previously mentioned clear liquids and strained soups. Next would be the stage of pureed food including mashed and blended food, through which our dietitian would guide you.  Solid foods will be introduced slowly. Remember the portion control habit you developed before the procedure, yup that’s going to be of great help now.

Once you get comfortable with the balloon and accustomed to eating smaller portions, you will be able to follow a normal healthy lifestyle. The goal is to continue these healthy eating behaviors and incorporate exercise to maintain the weight loss long-term. Wearing a tracking device or a mobile app can be of great use here.

Benefits of Gastric Balloon

The benefits of Gastric Balloon were tested in a clinical study in the United States. The study looked at people with BMI between 30 and 40. People in the study received Gastric Balloon along with diet and exercise. They were compared with people who only used diet and exercise. The people who only used diet and exercise are called the Control group. Both groups had regular doctor visits during the study.
The benefits of Gastric Balloon were tested in a clinical study in the United States. The study looked at people with BMI between 30 and 40. People in the study received Gastric Balloon along with diet and exercise. They were compared with people who only used diet and exercise. The people who only used diet and exercise are called the Control group. Both groups had regular doctor visits during the study.

Office and Surgery Center


I first started the bariatric surgery process in September 2012 with an information seminar and from the beginning I loved his message: obesity is a disease with ailments being things that encompass obesity- we must treat the obesity to treat disease. I'm so thankful for this lesson in life and I truly do see the big picture now! 

After my initial consult in October 2012, I didn't coordinate much with Dr. Moeinolmolki, as I was attending my monthly nutritionist visits. However, for my final consult in May 2013, and surgery on 28 May 2013, he remained professional, courteous, and absolutely amazing. He took care of my needs and questions regarding surgery. 

Dr. Moeinolmolki has been a pleasure to work with during this entire process! I'm so glad I picked him to perform my operation, and I am sad that he will be leaving! 

Sarah W.

Dr Moein is an amazing plastic surgeon and overall awesome physician!  From our first meeting I was very impressed with his understanding of what I was looking for and making me feel at ease. The staff was so nice, and the whole process was comfortable and reassuring.  My goal was to find a plastic surgeon that would help me achieve a sexy yet natural look for my breast lift. I never really had very big breasts to begin with, but my weight loss in college made them look droopy and sad.   Dr moein made my saggy C cups look and feel amazing by making them into a perky C cup, by performing a breast lift and augmentation.  I love, love, love the results and feel extremely confident showing them off.  They look natural and beautiful, and you can hardly see the incision lines.  My mission of sexy natural breasts has been accomplished:-) 

I should also add that I had some injectibles done by Dr. Moein, and think the results are fantastic! A syringe of Belotera in the tear trough took the fine lines and hollowness away, and the Voluma in the cheeks made them look fresh and revitalized.  He definitely has the eye for perfection and made my cheeks and eyes look amazing!    

Thank You Dr. M !

Liza P., San Francisco, CA

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